Filling a Vision Clearomizer

August 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ How To,Troubleshooting,Vision Clearomizer

  • To fill a Vision Clearomizer you must first remove the black tip at the end of the unit. You do this by unscrewing it until it is loose then pulling it out.
  • After removing the black tip you must hold the Vision at an upright angle in one hand and take your bottle of Downtown Vapor eJuice in the other. It is very important that you try to avoid the skinny center post on the inside of the Clearomizer. This is where the vapor comes through and if you get juice inside of it it may get in your mouth.
  • Begin filling the Clearomizer by angling the bottle dropper so that the juice is flowing down the side of the Vision.
  • Slowly squeeze your juice until it is filled to the top of the fill line, or until the juice is level with there the wicks come out of the heating coil.
  • Your Clearomizer is now completely filled and you can screw the black tip on until tight.

Enjoy your vision!