Filling a DCT or Dual Coil Tank

August 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Coil,How To,Troubleshooting

A DCT consists of three main pieces: the tank itself, the drip-tip or mouthpiece, and the cartomizer that goes inside the tank.

In order to fill a new DCT you must first prime the cartomizer. You do this by adding 25 (35 drops with new “needle” dropper top) drops to the cotton like material on the inside of the cartomizers top. You should avoid the hole because this is where the vapor comes through. It is best to add drops five at a time and give them a chance to saturate the material.

After adding 25 (35 drops with new “needle” dropper top) drops to the top you must then add 5 drops to the bottom of the cartomizer (where it screws on to the battery). Add one drop at a time onto the hole and they will be sucked inside of the cartomizer. After doing this your cartomizer is now primed and ready to be inserted into the tank.

The next step is to slide the cartomizer through the bottom of the tank (the bottom is inset with a groove for the flange of the cartomizer). You must slide it through the fist set of o-rings and up to but not into the second.

You should now be able to push the cartomizer against the inside of the tank to create a gap where you can fill your fluid on the outside of the cartomizer and inside of the tank. Fill the tank until it is almost all the way full and slide the cartomizer through the second o-ring.

Screw the tank onto your battery.

Add your drip tip to the top of the cartomizer by pushing it in and you are ready to vape your new Dual Coil Tank!