Downtown Vapor Premium Blend eJuice

August 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ eLiquid,How To

Not all eJuice (eLiquid) is created equally!

All eJuice sold by Downtown Vapor is made and bottled in the USA. We use only FDA approved and pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our eJuice products.  (Note we are referring to our ingredients. The FDA intends to regulate e-cigarettes under tobacco laws. (Public Statement, FDA))

Our flavorings are completely natural wherever possible. (Some flavors are artificially flavored, just like food flavorings.)

Our flavorings do not contain Diacetyl or ingredients that might lead to trace amounts of Diacetyl.

We do not use Diethylene Glycol in any of our eJuice products.

Downtown Vapor uses only Pure 100% USP Food Grade Kosher Propylene Glyocol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  (There are no animal by-products in either our PG or VG.)

Finest Flavorings – We use only the finest food grade natural and artificial flavorings from some of the best flavoring manufacturers in the world who are very well-known for product quality.

Menthol crystals – Our menthol crystals are carefully crafted and are a 100% pure natural product that originates from Mint essential oil extraction. Our menthol is easily combined into recipes and the best part is that our material is organic.


THROAT HIT & VAPOR, Consistency, and Color

Throat Hit, Vapor, and Consistency depend on the base mix of an eJuice. The more PG in the mix will make the liquid thinner, and will produce more throat hit and less vapor.

The more VG in the base mix will make the liquid thicker, throat hit will be less and the vapor produced will be much greater.  We’ve tried almost every combination of PG and VG for our Premium Blend and feel like we have the optimal mix for just the right amount of throat hit with clouds of vapor.

Throat hit also depends on how many milligrams of nicotine you select and what kind of device you are using it with (higher voltage, lower resistances etc). If you are looking for more throat hit, try a low resistance cartomizer or atomizer.

Anything with nicotine in it will change to a light amberish color.  Some of the flavorings will also cause a color change over time as the flavors develop and intensify (also known as steeping).

Downtown Vapor does not dilute any of its base liquids with distilled water or ethyl alcohol (Note: ethyl alcohol is included in the ingredients on our e-liquid bottles because it is included in our concentrate flavors by our manufacturers.)